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(All testimonials are as reported by real horse owners feeding Total Equine and Equine15 NATURAL and can be verified as legitimate)




  1. Has good running quarter horse that came down with EPM and was treated with conventional medical treatment with moderate success.  He would not make normal moves because as she put it, he was scared.  
  2. Started him on equine 15 NATURAL and now he is moving freely and doing whatever she asks him to do and has great energy


  1. Quarter Horse gelding that had quit eating and drinking and had quit passing feces.  He was diagnosed with compaction colic and treated accordingly with no response.  He was then rediagnosed as having a lumbar injury.  He had lost a lot of weight and was slowly gaining it back, but very inactive.  This started in April and they were told they would not be able to ride him for at least one year.  
  2. They were feeding him 10 lb. Total Equine per day and he was making progress. When they heard about equine 15 they started him on it on September 18th.  By early October they were riding him and that was 6 month earlier than expected.  


  1. Twenty one year old rope horse named Stinky was purchased early 2019 and then it was discovered that he had heaves and an old stifle injury that would not go away.  The heaves made him unusable all summer and he became a pasture ornament.  
  2. She started feeding equine 15 along with Total Equine in late August and within 2 weeks they were able to rope on him again.  Even the old stifle injury went away including the scar tissue from the surgery on the stifle.  He is now running as hard as needed on any steer.  


  1. Bucky has always been a great rope horse with a couple of problems with attitude.  He would always nip at Becky and buck and buck a bit each day before he would settle down and work.  He also had a chronic inflammation in one of his hocks that would cause him to be tender. 
  2. Started him on equine 15 and almost immediately his attitude changed and he does not nip at her or buck any more.  The hock inflammation and tenderness is gone.  


  1. JB Moonie the stud horse showed up as a stray at their gate on July 4.  No owner could be located and the state of Colorado accepted him to find an owner, which they could not find.  He ended up being sold at auction and the Van Buskirks purchased him because he is a white with black spots Appaloosa.   
  2. They then took him to a trainer until the middle of August and when he came back he had laminitis in both front feet and showing rotation of 8 degrees in left and 5 degrees in the right and soft spots in several locations.  At that time he would only walk, and then only with a lot of pain.  
  3. On November 1, they learned of equine 15 and started him on it.  On November 11 he started trotting on his own. 


 Purchased a rope horse with “good bones” but was in poor condition.  He looked good enough but was under weight. He was also a very nervous horse.  He started roping on him and came up lame.  He was x-rayed and no problems could be seen, but he walked like he had stone bruised.  He also had two sarcoids.    

  1. He started him on equine 15 and within 5 days the nervousness was gone and in 7 days he was no longer sore in his feed and the sarcoids were gone.  


  1. Had a rope horse that became sore in the hocks and could not stop well.  The worst was in his front feet. 
  2. Started him on equine 15 and soreness went away.    


  1. Twenty one year old horse started getting ulcers in the mouth and they thought in the throat.  It was suspected that is was due to eating tree leaves.  The sores were so severe that she lost a considerable amount of weight as a result of not being able to eat properly.  They had been treating with steroids and other medications with very little progress in controlling the ulcers.  She was started feeding Total Equine that she soaked and the horse started gaining weight but still could not eat hay.  
  2. When she heard about equine 15 she started her on it and withing one week the ulcers in the mouth were considerably better and she started being able to eat hay as the ulcers were already dramatically reduced.     


This is in response to a question I asked Marilee if she had seen any response to feeding equine 15 to her small pony and standard sized horse.  The pony had a beating from a horse she used to own and had a scar on the back as a result and the following is her response:  

“the pony has a big patch of scar tissue on her back.  I think it’s from her injuries when Cheyenne reprimanded her so severely.  It’s getting smaller.  She also was very tender footed on gravel.  That is noticeably better.  The sorrel horse has been really tender footed & he is improving.  Our dog is 63 l.b. and we give him 1/8 teaspoon and he’s much more mobile now.  

This was November 23 and I asked her how long they had been on equine 15 and here is her response. 

“Since the first week of October & because our bunch is so picky about new things in their food, I started with a very small dose.  I increased it every Saturday.  We have seen these changes & and the horses are only up to 3/4 teaspoon!  I have been giving he pony ¼  teaspoon .  She is so tiny, I did not want to give her too much.” 

“I also did an experiment on them they had been on it awhile.  I gave them their feed without it and then put equine 15 in a very small amount of feed.  I put it in their trough and they all chose to eat the little pile before they finished the other feed.  So I guess they told me like it and want it!!  I felt like the experiment as a pretty reliable way to see what they thought of it because things they don’t want, they won’t eat even if it’s in their feed.  They do one of two things.  Totally refuse to eat the feed or if possible pick around and try to get the feed but leave what they don’t like.”

“Just had to say something again!!  Equine 15 is helping the pony!!  We are using her as a therapy horse for a 5 year old boy who has an incurable condition.  He has tuberous sclerosis.  They didn’t know anything was wrong with him until he started having seizures at 6 months of age.  He loves the pony and it makes me happy to see her so much more comfortable when he rides her!!  Equine 15 has definitely taken the ouch out of her feet!!”

“The pony is 19 years old.  Over the last year her heart rate has been running high to the point of being worrIsome  (80 bpm), but no one had any answers.  Ever since we started equine 15 I have been checking her heart rate almost daily and it has slowly been coming down.  Today she hit 48 bpm which is the high side of normal!  I haven’t seen it that low in a long time.  I credit equine 15 for the improvement!!”

Fifteen days later Marilee wrote “the pony hit a new record today; heart rate sill coming down.  It was between 40 and 44 this morning.”


“So love equine 15 NATURAL…along with Total Equine feed…just spent a long weekend at Martha Josey barrel racing clinic doing many different exercises and many runs through the pattern with two 10 hour trail rides…and my horse is inflammations free…less muscle fatigue.  He had more time off  before goi”ng, but these products have kept his muscles the proper nutrition to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow to keep soreness down.” 


  “I have a customer her name is Diane Hogue. She lives in Midwest city Oklahoma. She has a Tennessee Walker that is I believe 25 years old. She called me and said he had foundered. Wanted to know if we had anything that would help him. He was in pretty bad along with the founder he had some abscesses and his feet. And they were trying different types of shoes. They actually made some wooden ones for him. She was ready to have him put down. When she called. She did not feed Total Equine and I talked her into putting the horse on the Total Equine plus the equine 15. Prior to doing this she would leave the horses stall door open and had him in the barn he hurt so bad he would never leave the stall all day. Within five days he started walking around and leaving the stall. Her Farrier says he can see a difference in his feet since the Total Equine and the equine 15. And the horse is easier to work on and is starting to want to walk around more every day. Diane said she knows it is the equine 15 that has helped the most.


We have a 20yr old quarter horse gelding . He has only been a gelding about 8 yrs.  He has always been grumpy when you approach his stall . Put his ears back and rake his teeth on the bars . But when you go in he is a kitten. I thought I would see if Equine 15 would ca% ml him down . So I have Boy (that’s what we call him) on Equine 15 he is 100% calmer. I stopped the Equine 15 and he went back to a old grump. About 5 days to Totally change back to old ways . Put him back on and in 5 days back to being calm.” 


“I have a 12 year old mare that started showing signs of one of the PSSM’s 2-X.  She was tested for PSSM 1,2 and IMM.  All were negative.  Haven’t had a testing done for others. , but showing signs of tying up, excess lactic acid muscle soreness and periodic lameness.  I had not been able to ride her for over a year.  I had tried numerous products and exercise programs, no joy.  After talking to Dr. Harry Anderson about equine 15 for a clients EPM horse I asked if it would work for my PSSM horse and he said let’s try it.  Low and behold, 3 weeks after giving it to her I was able to ride her!  Love this stuff!”  


Twenty one year old gelding with large sarcoid as largeas two silver dollars on the shoulder that had been there for 4-5 years.  This sarcoid was rough textured and had a bleeding center as he would itch it and keep it open.  He also has some problems in his stifle and was not very active.  Started feeding equine 15 and in about 120 days the sarcoid is one half the size it was, the hair is growing back and it is not bleeding any more.  He also has much more agility and energy and is moving more freely.    


“My 31 year old retired paint show horse gelding has had trouble walking for the last 5 years due to arthritis, some hoof problems,and weak hind legs. We tried various pain control products for years with no improvement. We got better pain control when we began to use Rewind for pain. He had been on total equine with grass and alfalfa hay for years. We then began to use Equine 15 at daily recommended level. After 2 weeks we noticed improved walking and,then trotting and one evening we saw him hit a good western pleasure lope. He looks more alert like he is enjoying life again. Definite improvement came with Equine 15.”


This is from Donnie Gang – dealer in OK about a customer horse.

“Jack Leitner with the working cow horse that has EPM called and picked up two more containers of equine 15.  I have tried to talk him into just Total Equine and no hay with equine 15. He said today that every time he takes her off the equine 15 she has a relapse of EPM.  When she is on equine 15 he can work her like nothing is wrong.  The mare keeps backing herself off hay.  She now gets 8.0 lb. Total Equine per day and turned out on brown, dry grass and no hay.  His wife has not ridden this mare in a year and a half.  She got on her now 

and said the mare looks better and works and moves better than she did when they bought her five years ago.  He said she now has no gut and looks like she has more muscle mass.”


“My 5 yr old high-strung gelding started tying up under stress, even at home (pretty sure he doesn’t have PSSM via clean parents, although still waiting on the test results.) After I started giving him Equine 15, he has not tied up since, being thoroughly tested by hauling to the FWSSR, four days in a stall and showing for two days. Thank you for recommending this product – apparently it is working its magic!”


Joni had an 8 month old filly that injured her shoulder in an unknown way and it had swelled dramatically and she would not put any weight on it.  She started going down hill and it was to the point of maybe needing to put her down.  Joni started her on equine 15 and within a few weeks she is now using the leg normally and appears to be 100% sound.  


“I had my 20 year old arthritic mare on equine 15 NATURAL for 6 days.  We went for a trail ride and she felt freer-less stiff than normal.  I (Annette) have been on Total People Plus for the same 6 days and I also had no hip or knee pain.  It sounds too good to be true but I’m happy!”


The following is as told by Bob:

He has a 16-year-old QH gelding head horse that was getting humped up and low headed with arthritis that was slowing him dramatically.  He started adding equine 15 NATURAL on top of the Total Equine and for the first 30 days he felt there was only a slight improvement.  However, soon after he started the second jar at 30 days suddenly the horse started showing a dramatic improvement and now is acting like a young horse and his flexion is extremely good.  He got his good head horse back.  


“Harry, wanted to let you know about how equine 15 NATURAL has worked on my old team roping mare. We had to retire her about 7 years ago, she was 19 then, because she was having problems with her legs swelling up after being stalled during the night and her joints were very stiff, we had trouble getting under her to trim her feet. We had tried every joint supplement available to us that was on the market, nothing worked. We had her on Bute but it was too hard on her stomach. She is 26 years old and we started her 16 weeks ago on equine 15 once a day; within 10 days we noticed a difference in the way she was moving. She was on the required amount for 30 days, and now she goes out in the morning with the other horses and is running with them like she is 10 years younger. I would highly recommend this product, at least give it a try, and watch the results.”