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In February 2021, we were given Equine 15 NATURAL to test on selected older horses to determine its benets related to mobility, pain control and alertness. We were impressed with the results, especially with Jane's, a 30-year-old mare who had such difficulty getting up, we were considering “putting her down”.

To our amazement, within a few days, Jane showed renewed vigor and had so much energy we had to put a chain over her nose when leading her to and from the paddock. What an incredible change in mobility and mental alertness! Those who say show me the data still say this could just be a by chance or purely anecdotal.

VanBrook Equestrian Centre
Julie Van Wieren, Owner
Brittany Simmons, Barn Manager



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Trish Rowe-360x500

Trish Rowe trainer/coach/sales

I believe any horse can be a champion- every day I reach for the Gold with Equine15 NATURAL

Trish Rowe
Jabez Stables

Jabez Stables

This horse in my San Martin stable was given Equine15 NATURAL for a tumor which was the size of a large golf ball, the tumor shrank after a week!

Diane Wienbar 
Jabez Stables
30 yr old

VanBrook Equestrian Centre

We have an older thoroughbred cross mare (30) who seemed to be declining in health. She seemed a bit dull and was having a hard time getting up and down on her own and was often waiting for assistance to stand up after rolling. Since starting her on Equine15 NATURAL she has not needed any assistance to stand up and she is full of life and acting like a baby again - it has made a huge difference!

VanBrook Equestrian Centre
Julie Van Wieren, Owner
Brittany Simmons, Barn Manager




I adopted Lucas into my life in 2007. Over the next couple years it became apparent he had a seasonal cough or as one of the barn owner's put it "a touch of the heaves".

The cough was so mild and only seemed to happen 2-3 times/ days a year. He was clear in the lungs any time the vet listened and had no lethargy or trouble exercising for the next 6 years. He was the pot stirring kind and a master of mischief who could go for hours or take off like a rocket.

In about 2014 he would have a day here and there I would call it for him and he was struggling with a cough. At this point I did start using a natural cough syrup by alpha vet to treat him when he flared up. This was sufficient until a couple years ago.

The cough was no longer eased by the syrup and my senior horse was now also struggling with lameness from a form or arthritis in his fetlock. I was initially suggested the Equine 15 for the arthritis. I was skeptical but when reading up on it I thought it may help with environmental triggers for the respiratory concerns and as some had seen a change for arthritis it was well worth a try.

At this time Lucas had began to need Ventipulmin regularly for a powerful cough that displayed in successive fits. At this point he was getting it when he coughed which was everyday. We started onto the supplement and the cough dwindled. Over the next week there were a couple small coughs. The 2nd week no cough but working flanks week 3-4 some days the flanks were working and others he was great with no respiratory effort.

Knowing when the rough patches are for him I get him on the Equine 15 just before he starts or if I see labouerd respiratory effort at rest with no exercise. This has stopped him from coughing and struggling the last few seasons with no further use of Ventipulmin. He is on Equine 15 for about 3 months twice a year.

I am happy to have found a safe and effective way to let my horse breath without the chronic use of steroids.



Lucas is the brown quarter horse/ Morgan. Dixie is the Appaloosa.




Core Equestrian

I am a trainer responsible for approximately 35 sport horses, and I got a few containers of Equine 15 to use for a trial. At the recommendation of my vet we decided to do an experiment to gauge its effectiveness, so we did a study with 10 horses: 5 of which would get the supplement, and the other 5 would get a placebo instead of the actual supplement. Only my barn manager knew which horses were on it, and she wasn’t giving any hints about who they were! My assistant and I would be responsible for making notes on any progress, which would include improvements like soundness, suppleness, relaxation, etc. After week 1 we noted progress for ALL 5 horses that were on it, and only 1 that wasn’t. After week 2, we reviewed our notes along with the big reveal: our final report of horses that showed progress was 90% accurate with which horses were receiving the Equine 15 supplement! In summary, ALL of the horses that were in our random study and on Equine 15 showed progress at some point. Those are pretty good results if you ask me!

To this day, the majority of my barn uses it daily, and since it is natural and legal, I don’t have to worry about making dietary changes when I show. Thank you Equine 15!

Christina Christensen, Trainer

Thoroughbred Racing season 2020

Sylvain Pion, Trainer

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Woodbine thoroughbred race season scheduled to start in April was delayed until June 6th.

Mid May, 11 of 14 horses in my stable tested positive EHV-1. Thankfully, all of my horses recovered from this virus. I started to use EQUINE 15 product mid-June, accompanied with my veterinarian care. My horses did indeed have a quick return to good health as they had minimal symptoms aside from high temperature. I can confidently say that EQUINE 15 assisted in their speedy recovery back to training.

I continue to use the Equine 15 supplement with several of the 22 horse I have in training and I hope to continue to enjoy a successful season.

Close Image:
This 5 year old filly, with earnings of more than $120,000 lifetime, has had 4 starts this season finishing 2nd once and 3rd once. I believe EQUINE 15 has assisted my mare in feeling good during training and confident during her races.

This 7 year old gelding had a light case of EVH , has been on Equine 15 since mid-June, and in 3 starts this year has 1 win and 1 third.
He has lifetime earnings of more than $300,000.

In 49 starts to mid-September this year I have had 7 wins, 3 seconds and 4 third place finishes. My season is off to a promising start and I hope to continue with the same successes using EQUINE 15. My son and my father work in my stable, they are as convinced as I, that Equine 15 is a supplement that has shown positive results within our Stable.


Sylvain colours


My growing, 4 year old warmblood mare was showing signs of balkiness and would carry her head with a tilt to one side. Upon examination there was no obvious reason identified as to why the mare was balky or carrying her head awkwardly. I started supplementing her with Equine 15 in November 2019. As of February 2020 she is now willingly moving forward in a correct frame and is indeed an awesome ride.

Jean Szkotnicki


My seven year old gelding, Withflyingcolours, has had lameness issue which kept him from performing up to his potential. I had the opportunity of testing an all-natural product ,Equine 15 NATURAL, since it was advertised it would provide pain relief to horses with such problems. Withflyingcolours has been on Equine 15 about two months and his recent win in 1:53.1 at Fraser Downs is proof the product has improved his wellbeing . At a cost of only $2 per day I will continue to use this product on my race horses.

Dave Hudon



Smart N Prime

I have a 14-year old cutting horse which I show in competition. He is a very willing performer, however, he has been diagnosed with navicular disease, so when he comes out of his stall he is always lame up front, but with proper warm up he does get over this initial lameness. There has not been a reliable treatment for navicular disease that I knew of until I tried this natural product, Equine15. This product is given as a powder, only one teaspoon per day (5 grams) in the horse's feed and miracles happen.

Within a few days of putting Smart N Prime on Equine15 he walked out of his stall a lot sounder as it certainly controlled his pain. While it does not cure navicular disease it surely improved his gait.

Rheal Bourgeois

Shauna Zwicker - Horse Trainer

I have put a number of horses in the barn on Equine15 after seeing how well it worked on my 20-year old western pleasure mare. A few examples of the results I've noticed:

- 20-year old western pleasure mare: We were able to take her off daily Previcox while also lengthening the time between injections. She is moving better than ever as she continues to be used for lessons and clinics.
- 7-year old western pleasure mare with fusing hocks: We have lengthened the time between hock injections and where she used to come out of the stall stiff, she now comes straight out of the stall ready to work.
- 7-year old all-around gelding: We have noticed him to be much freer moving and eager to please.

Overall, this supplement has been a wonderful addition to our maintenance program. By putting the horses on Equine15 my clients have been able to save money with less frequent veterinary maintenance while keeping the horses happier and moving better.

Shauna Zwicker






CC is a twenty two year old semi-retired aqha/apha mare who has done it all. Since starting CC on Equine15 we've noticed that her warm up time is greatly reduced and she is much more steady in her downward lope transitions. 

Ineke Boa






13 year old jumper, Riva had cough unresponsive to any treatment provided. Started on Equine15 NATURAL in January. Cough eliminated in a couple of weeks and horse performed better. Third week of February, still on Equine15 and no coughing. What a great product!

Jay Hayes


Horse: Nugget a 15 year old Foundation Quarter Horse Mare.  She stands 15 hands and 1200lbs I have owned her for 11 years.

History:  Nugget previously was a gaming and trail horse (rough terrain and long rides).  Nugget had surgery in 2014 on a fractured tibia which has caused her issues in the past.  She has shown signs of early arthritis in her neck a “Popping” can be heard when the neck flexes to the right or left back towards her shoulder and she is generally very stiff and requires a long warm up.  Nugget is currently on the joint supplement Recovery EQ which has been moderately successful with her joint and stiffness issues.

Results: During the first week of feeding the sulphur supplement no significant changes were noted under saddle. During the second week Nugget began to move more freely through the shoulder and hips, previously she was known to take very short choppy strides under saddle and would be about 20 minutes to a half hour until she would offer to extend her stride.  She began to feel much “lighter” under saddle and began to take extended strides without much hesitation.  The duration of warming up before working has significantly been reduced.

The following week she became even more fluid under saddle and raising her feet higher off the ground, her extended strides began to cover more ground and she began to raise her back and carry me more effectively.  As an unexpected result Nugget was able to be cinched up without issue, before the supplement was introduced she would bloat and could take up to 10 minutes to cinch her.  While she is moving more freely under saddle the “popping” noise in her neck does remain.

Overall I am pleased with the performance of the Equine15 NATURAL supplement.




Brookdale Sonny

I train standardbred horses for a living and every once in a while a little erksome problem comes along that is not easily solved. In this case the 4-year old pacer, Brookdale Sonny, had the annoying habit of always grinding his teeth when in his stall, especially when being jogged and when he was racing.

People who know, suggest that grinding teeth is a sign of pain, possibly even ulcers. So I tried Equine15 in his feed and within a few days, no more teeth grinding. This horse received one teaspoon of Equine15 per day for six weeks when I ran out of product. Now, after being off Equine15 for more than six months, this horse has not returned to grinding his teeth. What an incredible product, and it is all natural.

Rheal Bourgeois

Lady Gaga

She really has shown incredible improvement since we introduced her to the Equine15 NATURAL.

Riding her now at the lope she feels balanced and comfortable on her feet. It is a huge relief for all. She is happy and so are we!!! We will keep her on it. We have found a significant improvement.

A. Rose


I bought Izzy as a 12 year old ex-harness racehorse. Her career ended at age six when she fractured her front right knee. Her owner at the time pulled her from racing and she was allowed to rest and recuperate.

When she arrived at our place in September of 2012, she was examined and deemed sound. The following spring I made the decision to start Izzy under saddle, and rode her regularly until the summer of 2017, when arthritis started to set in on both her knees. When I would ride her for more than an hour, on challenging trails, her knees would swell up and she would be sore for a few days. I tried giving her glucosamine supplements but it made no difference.

In the fall of 2017 I decided to retire Izzy from riding and driving, at the age of 17.

Once winter set in, she was noticeably less active than she had been in the past; she would spend hours just standing around in the shelter. She is a dominant mare, known for moving the other horses around at feeding times, but this past winter she was acting unusually quiet and 'secluded'.

I started Izzy on 'Equine15' on February 6th, for a month trial, after an initial vet check by Dr. Tom Picherack DVM, Carstairs.

On Saturday February lOth, I noticed that she mingled more with the other horses, establishing herself once again with dominance among the herd.

On Tuesday, March 13th, we had Dr. Picherack come out for a follow-up vet check. He was VERY impressed with her improvements. Her flexion test result was equivalent to that of a 5 year old, with a significant improvement compared to the initial examination. Her movements were limber and she moved freely; I'm VERY excited to say I'm going to UN-retire her this year and we will enjoy many more exciting trail rides together. I'll even be showing her off at the local race track, doing our post parade flag duties; the first one being on April 1st! I'm so thrilled to have my go-to horse back!

E. Sabraw


We adopted Chief in the fall of 2017. He was a 27 year old, ex-barrel racer. Chief has Cushings disease, and as a result he is severely laminitic/foundered. He could barely walk when we got him due to his poor hoof condition and osteoarthritis in all 4 limbs and his hips.

We started a regularly scheduled barefoot trimming program, ensuring also a zero sugar and starch diet and medication for Cushing's and pain management. Over a relatively short period, he showed nice improvement. At the age of nearly 28, he managed to get around pretty well, albeit only at a walk, and mainly from his feed, to the water trough, and then back to the shelter.

I started Chief on 'Equine15' on February 6th for a month trial, after an initial vet check by Dr. Tom Picherack DVM, Carstairs.

Three days later, on Friday, I opened the gate to turn him out with the foals (as usual) and he surprised me with a buck followed by him jogging off for a few steps. I was overjoyed! I hadn't seen him that active since we got him.

His rehab process will still be ongoing and I'm expecting lots of ups and downs, but all in all definitely see him walking more, lifting his knees higher than before and getting around with a more confident step.

On Tuesday, March 13th, we had his follow up vet check with Dr. Pitcherack. He noted that Chief was still pretty sore in his hind end/hip, but definitely less stiff and achy in the joints as compared to 5 weeks prior. I jogged him in hand for Dr. Pitcherack to see his movement and Chief willingly followed, happy to be 'out and about'.

We will celebrate Chief's 28th Birthday in April 2018, and I look forward to him showing off his improvement when he's greeting all his visitors!

E. Sabraw


Just over two years ago we were introduced to your product Equine15 NATURAL. In conversation about our terribly crippled 25 year old mare, it was suggested that Cherie might experience pain relief and therefore renewed energy if we added Canine15 powder to her feed once a day.

Cherie was in a really bad way. So many tears shed over the certainty of having to have her put down as she moved with such difficulty and at times couldn't move at all, sort of stuck between the barn and the field with her head almost dragging on the ground. We'd already questioned our vet and alternatively, friends offered the names of cowboys with loaded guns that might prove more humane. Her time was truly day by day as we waited for a sign whereby she would let us know that this was it, she was done.

Fourth day into feeding the product, Cherie was cantering in her field! It was crazy! She still limped a bit as she walked out to the field but her head was up, not bobbing in pain. Her field friend was being ridden so all alone in the field momentarily, she was a bit excited and off she went! Now old horses will canter rather than trot as it's sometimes easier for them, but we couldn't believe it!

Cherie has continued to improve and is walking more fluidly at different paces and has trotted short distances at times since that surprising moment!

We can't thank you enough for saving this old dressage champion!

She's certainly put in her arena time and though always very well cared for, the work has taken its toll.

You've rolled back the clock for her and we're grateful.

We would defiantly like to continue giving her the product and as well, provide it for our two actively competing horses aged 15 and 18. Both horses, even with massage and chiropractic care, seem somewhat stuck in their hip joints as their ages and work load suggests. I would love to see Luke "flow" thru his movements more beautifully and Charlie with all his experience and heavy duty competing as a young boy, go around now and enjoy the workout.

As desperate as Cherie was for some miracle to come along, we have Scooby Doo a wonderful 17 year old appendix, smart as can be, with a super work ethic, but is hampered by a lung issue. Now Scoobs time is limited and though we manage his condition, wouldn't it be interesting if the product would have some tiny benefit on his condition. Bacteria in his lungs might be viral we would be very interested in speaking with you about him also.

Well, we definitely appreciate the benefits that Cherie is experiencing and do hope to move forward with your product for the others.

S. & M. Kraatz