Product Information



Equine15 NATURAL

A NEW, all-NATURAL supplement, shown to reduce pain and inflammation in horses.

Developed by a Canadian biotech company committed to improving health in animals, this once-a-day natural supplement provides relief from joint tenderness. Horses regain their mobility and confidence, returning to their original activities of racing,  jumping, everyday riding or loafing more comfortably in their surroundings.

Safe and Effective

Equine15 NATURAL contains two, natural ingredients, elemental sulfur and lignosulfonates, both of which are found in many food and feed products, their inclusion therein, approved by both the Canadian and US health authorities. A proprietary manufacturing process results in the therapeutic properties of this new product.

Safe For Use in Competition Horses

Health Canada has accepted Equine15 NATURAL in its Low Risk Veterinary Products Program and provided the Notification Number: NN.U6F1. In addition, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved this product as a feed supplement for horses. These official notifications, together with horses on our product that have won races and passed the mandatory equine drug testing, indicate that the Equine15 NATURAL product is safe to use when horses are racing or in other kinds of competitions.

Easy To Use & Fast Acting

Equine15 NATURAL is easy to administer, simply add one teaspoon (5 grams) of powder to the horse’s feed each day. A fast acting product, often within a week your equine partner will show signs of being free from pain, becoming more mobile while those that have had coughs don’t cough any more.

10 Top Reasons to use Equine15 NATURAL

• non-prescription product available for horses

• notified by Health Canadas as a supplement for horses

• provides pain relief

• a supplement, not a drug

• easy to administer once daily to horse’s grain

• fast-acting – often within a week

• safe for horses in competition

• effective in easing some respiratory conditions

• affordable - $2.00 - $2.60 (Canadian) per horse per day

• outstanding testimonials